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Alderman BRIAN JOHNSON is getting things done:

  • Allocated more funding for better streets and flood control. 
  • Secured over $4 million for affordable housing and neighborhood improvements.
  • Collaborated with other alders to approve the Shipyard project after the Green Bay Bullfrogs left for Ashwaubenon. 
  • Restored Civility to city council; we are now working for you.
  • Opposed unnecessary tax and spending increases.
  • Increased emphasis on neighborhood speeding with the addition of dedicated traffic officers.
  • Supported the people's right to vote on term limits for city positions; 87% favored.
  • Working with local and state representatives to relocate the coal piles out of our neighborhood. 


Responsible. Not Radical.

Re-elect BRIAN JOHNSON for City Council. 

Q&A with the Green Bay Press-Gazette

Occupation and highest education level: Executive Director, On Broadway, Inc. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Relevant experience: I have been a member of the Green Bay City Council representing District 9 for four years. In that time, I have served as the vice chair of the Improvement & Services Committee (roads and infrastructure), Parks Committee, Finance Committee, vice chair of the Personnel Committee, Economic Development Authority and Revolving Loan Fund Committee. Recently, I was unanimously appointed by my peers as the chair of the Ad Hoc Facilities Committee, a committee I proposed to address long-term facility needs including City Hall, Green Bay Police Department, Fire Department and Municipal Court. I routinely attend and participate in other subcommittees including Protection & Policy, Redevelopment Authority and Planning Commission because I believe active participation is a strong indicator of effective representation. I also serve on the board of the Fort Howard Neighborhood Association — which was recently named the neighborhood association of the year by Green Bay Neighborhoods  — Greater Green Bay Chamber Downtown Taskforce, and the Hope Center, which houses the St. Patrick’s Pantry.

Why are you running for office? When I first ran for office, I had a strong desire to restore civility and decorum to local government and achieve better results for my district. Working together, we’ve accomplished just that. I immediately went to work on advancing an initiative to relocate the coal piles, which just received a $15 million grant from the State. City Council authorized $10 million to invest in the Shipyard, and an additional $1 million in the residential neighborhoods. We have made progress on the Ashland Avenue viaduct and abandoned railyard. But most importantly, our district is now receiving the most significant portion of the city’s capital improvement plan for streets and flood mitigation.

What makes you a better candidate in this race? Leadership and experience matter when advancing complex projects that will have the most dramatic impact on our district and city. I’m achieving great results for our neighborhoods because of my unique ability to work with people of all backgrounds and ideologies. My colleagues on the council frequently seek me out for my knowledge, expertise and studied approach to issues. I demonstrate a strong willingness to compromise on policy to advance the greater good without compromising my core values of respect, honesty, integrity, accountability and ethical behavior. I have worked very hard to earn the trust of the residents in our district and I don’t take that for granted.

What are residents telling you are their most important issues, and how are you addressing them? Roads. We are doing 40% more reconstruction and resurfacing projects over the 10-year average (2010–19) and we created a comprehensive five-year capital improvement plan so we can better manage long-term borrowing needs. Flooding. I worked to secure the installation of two major lift stations, a pump, and a new storm water retention pond/greenway in our district. Crime. A recent surge in violent crime has residents feeling unsafe and we need to isolate bad actors. I was the first to call attention to the rise in shots fired incidents, created a violent crime suppression task force, coordinated listening sessions and advocated for ARPA funding to support our police and systemic solutions to prevent criminal activity from happening in the first place. 

This is a nonpartisan race. How will you ensure that you are prioritizing the concerns of your constituents, even if they don't align with your personal views? Local government is a nonpartisan position; unfortunately, Madison and Washington politics have started to influence our policies. We have basic responsibilities including infrastructure, police, fire, parks and economic development. Most people do not care if a Democrat or Republican is calling City Hall to find out why their garbage wasn’t picked up, how they can secure a variance on their building permit, or getting a pothole filled. These are the types of calls that consume 90% of an alder’s constituent service responsibilities and all residents, regardless of party affiliation, deserve this support from their local government.

When it comes to representation, what will you do to guarantee that all of your constituents, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion and creed, are listened to and given fair, equitable treatment? Every resident of our community deserves fair and equitable treatment. District 9 is incredibly diverse, from the qualifying census tract on the near west side that is one of Green Bay’s most ethnically diverse to the downtown commercial districts, from portions of the Astor Park Neighborhood to the residential and industrial areas that extend west to the Lambeau Field corridor. I am often commended for my careful listening skills and ability to craft solutions that bring together differing opinions. Good policy is inclusive and reflects the perspectives of those we represent and I consistently create outlets through neighborhood meetings to ensure everyone’s needs are heard and represented.

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